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HECM Reverse Mortgage Calculator:  Calculate your own HECM payout.

Attorney's: Link for Articles.on how to use Reverse Mortgages to benefit your clients.


Financial Planners: Link for Articles on how to use the Reverse Mortgage as a tool for your clients.


Realtor's: Link for Articles on how to increase your business sales.


Credit Card Calculator.  Determine how long it will take to payoff a certain card balance.


​Auto Calculator.  Determine how long it will take to payoff a car loan.


Investment Calculator.  How long will it take to save a certain amount over time.


Mortgage Calculator.  What is the monthly payment of a mortgage amount over 30 years.


Senior resource library for articles & newsletters.

Links to other Web Sites who cater to Seniors.




How to


Want to earn around 4.45% on the equity in your home each year? 


Need to get Long Term Health Insurance, but its too expensive?


Want to buy a new home without having to make any mortgage payments?


Your children need money from you to buy a home?


Do you need a monthly cash flow to sustain your standard of living in retirement?


Do you need the security of knowing if you pass, your Spouse will be able to stay at home?


Are you depleting your 401K or IRA each month in order to have cash to live on?


Are the monthly bills pilling up on you and you think there is no end?


Is your credit history in a shambles?


Separating and want to keep your current home, but need another home for your Spouse?


Are you considering Bankruptcy?


Do you have a current mortgage and would like to pay it off completely?


Is your home too big for you and your Spouse?  


Want to downsize to a smaller home, but are afraid of the mortgage payments?


Want to Travel around the Country or around the World, but need money?


What would take to make your retirment days better?


Want to distribute on part of your Estate before you pass?


Do you need cash to pay off Hosapital or Doctor bills?  


Don't want to consider an Assited Living Facility or Nursing Home? 


Need to replace Social Security income after lossing a Spouse?


Need to make household repairs and upgrades to your home but don't have the money for it?


Want to buy Life Insurance?


Want a Credit Line of cash in case of financial emergencies?


If you want the answer to any of these questions, then please contact me, because I just may have the answer to Change Your Life.

 George Lagarde   702-845-4632  or email:

A Reverse Mortgage will change your retirement years!