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The Reverse Mortgage for Purchase is a tool by which Realtor's who are selling a home to a Senior over the age of 62 can now purchase that home using a modest down payment, plus a Reverse Mortgage instead of a traditional forward mortgage.


For those Realtor's that have used this program in the past year, you know it works. For those of you who are skeptical, I urge her to contact me and I will make you a believer of the program. In many cases I have had the opportunity to educate the consumer who has then contacted you, the Realtor, telling you he wants to buy a house using the Reverse Mortgage Purchase Program. And, in most instances the Realtor's reaction is that it cannot be done. But it is a fact, it can be done, it has been done for the past several years, and I would love the opportunity to sit with you and show you how this is such a simple loan to do since we are not concerned with credit scores, nor income or employment verifications. So, if you're looking for a niche market to develop new business, this will be your next move.



Ever thought of helping your children buy their own house by you giving them part of their inheritance before you pass?

This is a great way of financially assist your children with the down payment o their home without you having an extra burden of a monthly loan payment of your own.  You gotta ask me more about this one!!!!!


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In many instances when Seniors are separating or divorcing, the biggest problem facing the Attorney is what to do with the marital home.


When Seniors find themselves in a situation in which they have to sell a home in order to divide the assets between the spouses a Reverse Mortgage will allow the spouse who wishes to remain in the original home, to take out a Reverse Mortgage so the other spouse can use the funds to purchase (realize I said purchase) another home, thus allowing the remaining spouse to occupy the marital home for as long as it’s the primary residence, without having to make a single mortgage payment.



Problem solved for the Attorney as well as the two spouses.


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Financial Planners

Older Americans as they retire will be looking for ways to finance their retirement years. Simply counting on their 401K, or their IRA’s will not do. So, they will look to Social Security, and whatever the employer pension may give them on a monthly basis, but that still will not be enough to supplement their lifestyles. So, maybe they will tap into their savings accounts, and emergency money they have set aside for over 40 years. But, will that still be enough? The solution is sitting right under their feet. I mean their homes. 


By using a Reverse Mortgage, they can tap into the equity they have built up over the years, and along with all the other avenues they have available can now have a decent outlook towards retirement. Seniors deserve to be comfortable in their senior years, and the use of the Reverse Mortgage will allow them to live life to their fullest in retirement.


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